Helsinki declared capital: Minutes from a meeting at the Helsinki magistrate

The minutes from a meeting at the Helsinki magistrate on June 3, 1812 mention Helsinki’s promotion to the capital: "That to the residents of the City who were summoned for this day and who arrived in large numbers, His Imperial Majesty's gracious petition [blank space] was read from the day on which His Majesty the Emperor has courteously consented to declare Helsinki the capital of the Grand Duchy of Finland". The text continues in the margin: "whereupon Mayor Strömberg and the trade counsellor Govinius interpreted the humble gratitude of the Magistrate and the Bourgeoisie for the Imperial grace through which the City has been favoured.” Translated from Matti Klinge’s Finnish translation. Finnish Court Records 25.5.1812 - 27.6.1812, § 2, p. 345. Magistrate's minutes. Helsinki City Archives, Sinetti archive information system.